The pacifier, the symbol of maturity and immaturity, is at the same time a source of
opposing thinking and the analysis of the connected reality and the generation of the
defect, to the exit in the form of a constructive doubt in the current situation of one's
own self.
Take the pacifier, no matter what age, once again in the mouth and say "I am
indifferent". Because we are all infact. It is only this action that is the basis for the
creation of an alternative form of thought which can lead to maturity. For without the
acknowledgment of immaturity, the maturity in action and being is impossible.
The symbol of art.

Evolution has no ideologies. Art is evolution (evoltution). Art therefore does not know
ideologies. Here, in the pacifier you see the symbol of immaturity. This symbol is the
prerequisite in order to think about the maturity in the counter-factual, and to become
self-responsible in further step. No baby accepts the pacifier. Each baby spits the
pacifier. The person, however, wants to give the baby the pacifier and the lack of his
ideology. The pacifier gives neither milk, nor warmth, nor touch; -and yet calming.
This is a brilliant move. Here is conditioned with absolute deficiency calming. In this
way, the author Baby is already trained in the early years of lack of tolerance and
lack of tolerance. So we grew up by  ourselves how we can deal with this behavior in
adulthood? This is the big question.  Evolution knows no lack and no pacifier, a
utensil created by lack of administration. Evolution does not have these utensils of
ideology. Evolution is inherent in every living being and non-living being. It is a
separate evolution in each part. Own evolution in different parts of the world makes
the difference and is the prerequisite for knowledge. It is their own evolution in every
region. But we want to impose our ideologies on other parts and deny evolution.
Evolution is different in every human being. But we want to deny evolution with
ideologies. Art can not be denied, for art is evolution. However we generate
shortcomings at every point in the world. Art, however, generates non-deficiency
because it is evolutionary. The art accepts the evolution totally. If we stop generating
the shortcomings at every point in the world, any place in the world can be without
deficiency and enrich all with its art of evolution! Thus, we see our behavior every
human being can realize that we are creating deficiency. We pass on the
shortcomings that we are already being addressed at a very young age, to our whole
lives. We mostly live out of the shortcomings we create with our fellow human beings
and our environment. We have cultivated this behavior for a very long time and we
call it a competition.

Contention, competition, or the enemy image, are the intentionally generated
situations of generating shortages. Deficiency in turn generates feid images. We
must understand, recognize and rethink our dressage. The great evil lies in the
dressage for "overreaching", "participation" and the egoistic goal of the "greatest
possible benefit" of the individual. This must be abolished in us. The laws of the
universe don´t know competition or no competition. I have no competitors.
This competition, if it does not seem to be abolishable, again, can only be good if it
is operated playfully and causes no further damage.

The smartphone is the pacifier that directly links up with the baby phase and keeps
people and citizens in short supply.

Imagine Liberty is the symbol of maturity, of knowledge, of de-measurement, of
de-archiving; it stands for the end of being lived.

Baron Martin Scheidingen, Superfluid violet ultra, Munich

I am thinking about whether the food of a chicken is a defect. When shortage is created?

The sign of the maturity, Imagine liberty as stamp, for the
duplication without commercial use is

The stamp could be e.g. Order here::
Or here as a wood stamp:

Free for non-commercial use. For commercial use all copyrights reserved by Martin Franke.
Place stamps and stencils only at free designated places.

Only use for generating a better World, for making earthly paradise.

Just imagine.
Be a part of a worldwide artproject for removal of
the lack.

Imagine liberty stencil for downloading (right mousebutton)
Office for evolutionary procedure
Agents of the Artist in Munich:
The freedom completes and becomes independent
At the moment there is a stencil and a stamp for downloading in this artproject.
People stamped at different places of this earth.
I know about several stamps in Munich, and Switzerland, in Berlin, in Bogota somebody already stamps.
The next part of this action is to place an original artwork with the stamp symbol and a drawing at different places in public areas. The original placed mostly on exhibitions without an inviting. The original signs a line: "Art knows no jury".
The artist calls this pictures "responsible pictures", it left to its own devices, that are evolutionary pictures.
They are in a condition like a stone, a tree, a part of the evolution.
Every action therefore reflects that (greedy, capitalistic) world.
Furthermore it does not interest, it is not interested for the artist what happens with the original.
It is an original which maybe rises in the value. And whether it will be recognised as an original or not, whether it will be puting in the wastepaper basket or will be hung directly on the wall,
- that is no longer important and makes no difference for the artist.

Invitation to stamp for a better world
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Offices of evolutionary behaviour:

MT HENNIG, Amt für evolutionäres Handeln, München,

URS TAVERNER, Amt für evolutionäres Handeln, Schweiz,